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The AMD offers many advantages over OEM units including:

  • REDUCED ABRASIVE USAGE – 32 Different settings enables users to dial-in precise amount of abrasive to maximize cutting outcomes
  • REPEATABLE ACCURACY – Hardened internal components eliminates changes in feed-rates over time
  • SIMPLE MAINTENANCE – No tools required for day to day cleaning. Improved design features quick replacement of guide plates
  • EASY OPERATION – large laser marked control knob located on front allows users to change abrasive feed-rates while cutting


Installation of the AMD is easy with retrofit kits. We offer kits to mount to various equipment including but not limited to:

  • Flow Style Waterjet Machines
  • Omax Style Waterjet Machines
  • Wardjet Style Waterjet Machines

All OEM kits come with custom mounting hardware that utilizes existing mounting locations. Our standard kit mounts to wide variety of machines.

Call us today and talk with one of our Waterjet Specialists to discuss how the PrecisionCore AMD can benefit your shop, and press the play button for a video below:


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