Pre-Owned equipment, pumps, machines & parts

When our customers upgrade or increase capacity, WaterjetWorld is often able to obtain their existing equipment at deeply discounted prices. Below are what we currently have in stock for pre-owned parts and pumps – just click on which pre-owned machine or pump interests you.

  • <– NEW ARRIVAL –> Techni Techjet 4100 – 2014 – with PAC-60 5-Axis cutting head & Updated Controls
  • OMAX 60120 reconditioned – 2008 with Tilt-A-Jet & ENDUROMAX pump upgrades
  • FLOW – 2004, 4×8 table, 3-axis with 60 kpsi 50HP intensifier
  • *SOLD* KMT SL-V 100 Plus – 2005 – less than 600 hrs (TEST UNIT) USDA-Approved Food Grade Dual Intensifier KMT SL-V 50 Plus 60kpsi pump – 2014

Contact us for more information or to make inquiries. All equipment is CSA Approved.

Techni Techjet 4100 with PAC-60 5-Axis cutting head & Updated Controls – 2014

We have a used Techjet 4100 machine for immediate delivery.

The machine comes complete with Techni’s legendary PAC-60 5-axis cutting head. The machine has also be updated to the new Windows 10-based control with Techni’s newest Softech interface.

Cutting Area: 7’ x 13’

Table size: 7’ 10” x 14’ 5”

Cutting/traverse Speed: 700 i.p.m. maximum.

Investment*: Contact us.

FOB: Burlington Ontario

Taxes: Extra

Warranty: 60 days

*The machine incudes installation and 8 hrs on-site, and 8 hours remote training.

2008 OMAX 60120 Machine w. Tilt-A-Jet, EnduroMAX, ESP 55kpsi 40hp Pump Upgrades

This OMAX 60120 is well reconditioned to near-new, with new slats and covers, paint and rust protection, and various rebuilds and maintenance performed. It can be fully installed by our experts for additional cost. Buy now and get a $1000 Spare Parts credit with your purchase!

Pump: P4055 (40HP) 55k PSI with EnduroMAX upgrade

Installation: $5000* plus travel

Options: Tilt- A Jet taper compensation head

Size: 18’ 9” x 9’ 2” x 9’7″ (LWH)

Table Size:  12’ 0” x 6’ 5 (L x W)

Travel: 10’ 6” x 5’ 2” x 9’7″ (XYZ)

Weight: 6,200 lb (tank empty)

Investment*:  contact us

*Taxes Extra, if applicable.

2004 FLOW Waterjet 4’x8′ Machine with 60,000 psi 50HP Hydraulic Intensifier

This FLOW 304803 is perfect for a smaller shop looking for a cost-effective entry-level machine, or an addition to a plant familiar with waterjet that wants to add a smaller table machine to its production for an exceptional cost. It can be fully installed by our experts for an additional cost.

Buy now and get a $1000 spare part credit with your purchase!

Pump: 50HP 60kpsi Intensifier

Installation: $5000* plus travel/expenses

Options: 3 Axis Cutting Head

Software: FLOW Path V6

Travel: 4’ x 8’

Investment*: Contact us.

*Taxes Extra, if applicable.