The Xtractor Companies manufacture Portable Sludge Removal Systems. The majority of the systems they produce are utilized in the waterjet industry to remove the spent abrasive and contaminants from the catcher tank. Other applications are in the glass and stone industry to remove the sludge from the holding pits.
There are 2 types of systems available. The VacBox 2200 holds over 2000 lbs of sludge, and the larger VacBox 4400 holds double that, depending on the density of the sludge. The VacBox deposits abrasive and contaminants into a disposable bag that can be taken out and dumped with a forklift or chain winch. Each uses a 2″ pump to remove up to 100 lbs of abrasive every minute.
The Xtractor comes in three capacities, holding 1000, 2000, or 3000 pounds of material, and contains its own holding tank allowing the whole unit to be picked up for disposal into a hopper or bin. The HD has a 1″ pump capable of removing up to 38lbs per minute. The SHD model comes in a 2″ pump allowing removal rates up to 100 lbs. per minute.
The Xtractors can be used while the waterjet machine is still cutting virtually eliminating down time associated with abrasive removal.
The industrial grade castor wheels make the VacBOX models easy to move from machine to machine while the SHD and HD units are designed for easy movement by fork lift.
  • Patented vacuum Cross-Flow Separator design removes sediment from the water stream before it reaches the pump, increasing removal rate and virtually eliminating maintenance costs and pump repairs.
  • Never shut down production f or clean outs again.
  • Pneumatic diaphragm pump runs on shop air, no additional power needed.
  • Make sludge removal completely hands free with our in-tank pipe kit and cycle timer.
  • Compact design helps save precious floor space in shop.
Watch the following videos for more information or click HERE to get a quote:
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