Finecut – beyond cutting edge! Join the FREE webinar this Thursday, April 8th at 12PM Eastern Time to learn more.

Micro abrasive waterjet is the ideal tool for high accuracy cutting of advanced materials. Virtually all materials can be cut non-thermally and when using 5-axis functionality, speed and efficiency can be significantly improved. Learn more about the possibilities in this webinar including:

  • What is micro abrasive waterjet?
  • Finecut machine configurations
  • Applications and references
  • How to work with the Finecut machine
  • How to increase speed and efficiency with Finecut ABX is committed to bringing our customers the best possible Waterjet machines, accessories, parts, and consumables to keep them competitive in today’s ever changing market by providing innovative products and engineered solutions.
With over 35 years experience in the manufacturing industry, we have selected our product lines with a clear understanding of what it takes to be the “best in class” in terms of delivering the highest quality product at economical prices.

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