Waterjet World has different materials available for your orifice choice for use with different line pressures and each material giving different operational lives.

Ruby/Sapphire (60kpsi)

This economical orifice was the original material used when waterjet was first developed. Almost all design types are available in this material though they do not work with pump pressure above 60,000 PSI. Life or the orifice is typically around 30 to 40 hours. The majority of the industry has evolved to better technology.

TetraCore (60kpsi)

TetraCore is an engineered material designed specifically for the waterjet Orifice application. They are rated at 60,000 PSI operating pressure. It provided good life at approximately 400 hours and is reasonably priced.

NanoDiamond (60kpsi)

NanoDiamond orifices use nano-sized diamond particles bonded together with heat and pressure (not binders like those found in PCD tooling) into a solid diamond material. These orifices promise the long-life of a single-crystal diamond, with much less risk of early failure or breakage, at a much more economical price. Nano Diamonds have a life of approximately 700 to 1,000 hours and are rated for 60,000 PSI applications.

Single-Crystal Diamond (90kpsi)

Single-Crystal diamonds are the longest lasting orifice with a life span of approximately 1,000 to 1,200 hours. They are also the only orifice available for 90,000 PSI applications.


It is recommended that you have a HP inline filter to prevent premature failure of you orifice as water quality and particulate can damage the orifice and increase your operating cost.
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