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The Allfi Abrasive Mini Hopper Version 2.0

(SKU# 951400)

The Allfi Abrasive Mini Hopper Version 2.0 (SKU# 951400) is an accurate programable feeder that enables stepless control of the abrasive feed from 50 to 1000 grams per minute (0.11 to 2.2 pounds). This feature is accomplished in one of two methods. The first method is wire the included servo motor to a 10 Volt DC connection which will enable you to control the speed of the feed belt through adjusting the voltage. The second method is to connect the optional Potentiometer (SKU# 951230) to the included servo motor and using the Potentiometer manually adjusting the speed of the abrasive conveyor. Either method provides you with precise control of the abrasive quantity for the given applications and ensure you don’t waist abrasive. Optional Level Sensor is available to provide a signal that can be wired into your machine control. This feature will prevent from trying to cut when the machine has run out of abrasive.

The Allfi Abrasive Mini Hopper is available by it’s self or in various packages including the Allfi Bulk Abrasive Hoppers and Allfi Precision Cutting Head. Abrasive Mono Kit SKU# 953000 or Abrasive Twin Kit SKU# 953010.

The Hennco Abrasive Metering Device offers many advantages over OEM units including:

  • REDUCED ABRASIVE USAGE – 32 Different settings enables users to dial-in precise amount of abrasive to maximize cutting outcomes
  • REPEATABLE ACCURACY – Hardened internal components eliminates changes in feed-rates over time
  • SIMPLE MAINTENANCE – No tools required for day to day cleaning. Improved design features quick replacement of guide plates
  • EASY OPERATION – large laser marked control knob located on front allows users to change abrasive feed-rates while cutting
  • Rear Port – This port can help prevent water back up from entering the abrasive storage cyclinder.



Installation of the AMD is easy with retrofit kits. We offer kits to mount to various equipment including but not limited to:


  • Flow Style Waterjet Machines
  • Omax Style Waterjet Machines
  • Wardjet Style Waterjet Machines

All OEM kits come with custom mounting hardware that utilizes existing mounting locations. Our standard kit mounts to wide variety of machines.


1,300 / KG (2,866 lbs)

  • Hopper can be refilled without stopping production eliminating the de-pressurization process.
  • Holds 1300 KGS. (2860 lbs)  – Ideal for Super Sacks
    • Saves the cost of individual bags
    • Reduces operator fatigue from lifting 20kg bags
  • Suitable for all abrasive mesh sizes
  • Feeds multiple machines simultaneously
  • Sensor monitors abrasive level – Warning light alerts
  • Can be retrofitted for most Waterjet cutting systems
  • Small 3’ x 3’ foot print
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