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ALLFI Swiss Quality ABRASIVE STORAGE HOPPER 1,300 / KG (2,866 lbs)

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  • Hopper can be refilled without stopping production eliminating the de-pressurization process.
  • Holds 1300 KGS. (2860 lbs)  – Ideal for Super Sacks
    • Saves the cost of individual bags
    • Reduces operator fatigue from lifting 20kg bags
  • Suitable for all abrasive mesh sizes
  • Feeds multiple machines simultaneously
  • Sensor monitors abrasive level – Warning light alerts
  • Can be retrofitted for most Waterjet cutting systems
  • Small 3’ x 3’ foot print


Bulk Abrasive Hopper

Capacity1,300 kg / 2,866 lbs
Empty wt.150 kg / 320 lbs
Flow rate5 kg / 11 lbs / min.
Air PressureMin. 6 bar / 88 psi
Power Supply24V / 230V optional

Package price available for Programable Mini Hopper add on

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