Abrasive Removal Service

waterjet tank abrasive removal

Waterjet World is pleased to offer our Abrasive Removal Service to customers in Ontario.

Our service Technician will extract the abrasive from the catcher tank of your machine and deposit it into a bag that holds 4,000 lbs. The water is returned to the catcher tank.

The service can be preformed while the machine is operating however access to the tank is required with a minimum of 18” x 12” every 3 feet to allow our nozzles/hoses access. Ideally the service is done with the slats removed as it will expedite the process.

waterjet tank abrasive removalThe extraction process works for both 60,000 PSI and 90,000 PSI however it is slower if the catcher tank is filled with 90,000 PSI mud. If the tank is filled with jet brick or debris from plywood/chip board this can also effect the efficacy of the process.

The shop must provide the following services:

  • Air line with 15 CFM and 40 PSI
  • Fork Lift with 4,000 lbs capacity to remove the bag from the extractor unit
  • Water Line with garden hose fitting
  • Skids to put the bags of spent abrasive onto for shipping

We can make arrangements to take the spent abrasive (additional charges apply) or leave the bags for you to dispose of yourself. Please note the abrasive is considered dry waste as it passes the Ministry of Environment’s Slump test as a result of the vacuum process we utilize.

Call 1-844-427-6381 or contact us for a free estimate.

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