Abrasive Removal

We offer two different solutions for abrasive removal.

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XTractor MCRL

The Xtractor Portable Abrasive Removal Units

Our first solution is a Portable Abrasive Removal Unit manufactured by The Xtractor Company. There are four different models ranging in volume capacity and extraction speed.
VacBox deposits the collected abrasive into a bag for removal, while the Xtractor series uses an internal bin.
The Xtractor Company has a patented Cross Flow Separator that is incorporated in all models. The patented Cross-Flow Separator pulls the abrasive slurry through the separator vs. pushing the abrasive slurry through the separator as others do.
All models are available with optional in tanks plumbing kits, Diffusers options for fine particle separation, and in line filtration for debris separation.

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MCRL Custom Supreme Heavy-Duty Abrasive Removal System

The second solutions for Abrasive Removal is our Supreme Heavy Duty system produced by MCRL. This unit can be designed for use with one or two machine catcher tanks. It is designed to run 7/24.

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