Water Processing

Incoming Water

Incoming water is important to the performance of the waterjet pump and has a major influence on the operational cost of your waterjet machine.

Incoming water pressure and volume, water purity and temperature will all effect the life of the pump parts.
Too low incoming water pressure or volume can cause cavitation in the check valves and cause them to have to be maintained more often resulting in higher than normal operating cost. Having the correct booster pump can solve low pressure and volume issues.
Water Purity is extremely important to the life of the pump parts. All pump manufacturers have recommended requirements and we can assist you in meeting these requirements after taking a water analysis to determine your specific needs. Without meeting the requirements can triple your operational cost and/or void your warranty.

Incoming Water temperature is important in two area. First the pump temperature must be kept within the pump manufacturers recommended temperature range. Running the pump to warm will affect pump component life. The second area incoming water temperature is important to control is the cutting water. This has a direct effect on seal life.

Incoming water temperature can be affected by your climate zone, time of year and location and pathway of the water line feeding the pump. Note: If a water line travels up a wall and across a ceiling to get to the waterjet pump it can increase in temperature dramatically.

Consistent water temperature will always make your waterjet pump operating cost be predictable and most economical. Chillers provide this consistency.

Out Going Water/Waste

Everything that comes out the nozzle must be handled in some manor or another. The cutting water, abrasive and some of the work piece it’s self must go somewhere. If sacrificial material like Jet Brick or ply wood is also used, then bits and pieces of that material must also be processed.

The first thing to determine is weather you want to reclaim the water or dispose of it. Everything else must be removed and disposed of. Abrasive removal Systems can be supplied for this application.

If the water is to be recycled, then we offer a recycling system to do just that. The water must be processed back to the acceptable requirements of the pump manufacturer. This is additional operating cost you should avoid if possible.

The water leaving a waterjet catcher tank is considered grey water. In most cases with is acceptable to allow to be disposed of down the drain however in many municipalities that is changing. You must determine what is acceptable to your municipality and handle it accordingly.

If the amount or solids in the catcher tank drain off is more than you are allowed to dispose then we can offer a settling tank, Weir/Laminar System and or a pumpback system to assist in processing the grey water.

If you are cutting environmentally concerning material like lead or copper, you should handle the waist appropriately. We can propose the appropriate filtering systems to handle your application.

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